Rambler, teacher, dancer*. Lover of words, hats, Radio 4.

Favourite things: reading, writing, trees, listening to other people’s conversations, particularly on buses, dancing (in the kitchen usually to Chaka Khan)

Least favourite things: flying, liver, Monday mornings.
Ambition: to write things that people read
Conviction: we’re not alone.

I’ve been teaching and writing all my life, starting with the education of a long row of teddy bears and dolls whose strange reluctance to actually DO any of the work I set them, resulted in the mastery of writing at an early age. I remember, in those days, the best part was marking the toys’ work afterwards with the shiny red pen my mum bought me from the local shop. How things change. Today, the best parts are the actual teaching, more specifically, the children’s incredible take on life and learning, which gets me every time. And my own writing. You can find out more about that by clicking on the other tabs. Please tell me more about you, if you’d like to, by commenting below. Here’s to lives doing what we love best…

Contact: stillwonderinghere@gmail.com

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