Women’s Prize for Fiction Best Reads feature

My novel, Braver, published on the 30th June 2022 by Fairlight Books, was shortlisted for The Writers’ Guild of Great Britain’s Best First Novel Award 2023! This has blown me away and I’m so grateful. Braver is available from all good UK bookshops and online. You can see the book cover below and there are details in the press release from The Bookseller (also below). You can buy the book online here.

Braver is about unlikely friendships and heart-breaking decisions. With themes around mental health, identity and the need to belong, Braver explores how a local community responds when something threatens its very heart.

Here is the press release about it: –

My novella, The Evenness of Things, is available in paperback or as a kindle download from and other amazon marketplaces. It’s about what happens when a woman buys a house without telling her husband. Intrigued? Please have a look at the reviews on amazon. I hate doing this publicity stuff (it’s so un-British) but, honestly, these days authors just have to, or they don’t sell many books. So I’m wiping the sweat off my face here and trying to be that un-British person deep inside me (maybe). Then I’ll go and have a nice cup of tea.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I haven’t been that great at writing it this year but that is about to change. Famous last words? I hope not…