Lessons from a sunflower

I didn’t grow sunflowers this year. Last year was our first one here and the best place to grow them – at the front in the sunshine – was annoying to water and beyond reach of the hose. They did well and had massive heads, particularly the ones in compost, and I kind of regretted it in the end, but there we are. I grew seeds in the greenhouse – nasturtiums and geraniums and star shaped cosmos and potted them up for the back.   It grew hot, the air stilled, we went away. The cat lady came to feed … Continue reading Lessons from a sunflower

Criminal Tendencies

Since we moved to Uckfield, I’ve become a criminal. Some time ago, I received a notice of intended prosecution from the Sussex Police. It was a long letter with lots of red, shouty writing and thick black letters at the top with a picture of a police badge in black and white. It had my full name on it too which I hate because people only use it when they’re cross, or before operations. I was distraught. I am a very law-abiding person. I floss (occasionally), queue at bus stops (always) and go into Tesco’s to buy something if I … Continue reading Criminal Tendencies

This Ordinary Life

Whenever I arrive home after being out, I can’t sit down ’til I’ve done certain things : – 1. Put my shoes in the shoe place. 2. Put my keys in the key place. 3. Put my bag in the bag place (removing phone and glasses). 4. Taken my rings off. I put my rings on whenever I leave the house. I’ve worn them for so long, I don’t feel quite dressed without them. It’s always the same in the morning (after I’m clothed, obviously) – perfume,  handcream, rings. Ready to face the world. It’s made me think about routines, … Continue reading This Ordinary Life