Social distancing moves for Brits

Social distancing can be awkward, can’t it? Maybe you're more relaxed (I'm what I call a rulie not a floutie). But you may not have asthma and such a history of bronchitis that you can't say it out loud in case your chest hears and immediately convulses. I'm out and about now, as we all … Continue reading Social distancing moves for Brits

Concerning hand gel: letter and ode

Dear Manufacturer of hand gel, Firstly, I'd like to thank you for your sterling efforts to keep the nation's hands clean and virus-free. These days, your trusty, little bottles are indeed a pleasure to behold, sticking out of people's pockets, thrust into shopping bags or about to be drunk by thirsty toddlers (Relax. His mum … Continue reading Concerning hand gel: letter and ode